Privacy Statement

By accessing the Website, if this is permitted by your (visitor’s) browser settings or explicitly approved by you during the first visit of this site, your site may automatically save information about your computer and your device (tablet, smartphone), or can place for such purposes, so-called computer cookies or other similar programs on your device.

Please note that these cookies alone can not identify the visitor personally.

A cookie is a file that can be placed on your computer or other device used to browse when a visitor visits a web site. Cookies have multiple functions and can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • collect information about the visitor or his device,
  • note the visitor’s custom settings,
  • can be used for the optimization of advertising content on the website and on other websites.

Generally, cookies or other similar programs facilitate the use of the site, help the site to provide visitors with a real web experience and effective source of information, and provide the website operator with information on the functionality of the site, preventing abuses and providing services of the site in a seamless manner, ensuring adequate standards.

The data stored by Google Analytics can not identify you as a private person by name, but you can recognize your computer during a subsequent visit by recognizing the browser someone has already visited the website with before. For measuring, the system uses small data files, cookies (cookies) in your browser. The purpose of the measurement is to understand the user habits, thus expanding and enhancing the website on the basis of the information thus obtained. It’s also about finding users’ search habits on the page, mapping the search terms used to familiarize users with the new content to better match the information you’re looking for. For more information about Google Advertising Privacy Policy, please see here.

For more information on cookies, visit Google Analytics.

Accepting or enabling cookies is optional. The following information is stored on cookies by you and your computer or the device you are browsing:
The IP address you use, your browser type, the features of the operating system of the device you are browsing (such as a type, a set language), the exact date of the visit, the address of the visited page, the page, sub page, , the time spent on the site.

Visiting measurement:

The Owner of the Site will measure the number of visitors to the Website and their features with the Google Analytics webanalitical service. While Google Analytics is running, it logs many features about the user: which webpage it is coming from, which web browsers program it is using, which operating system, which monitor resolution, what color depths it is viewing on the website on, how much time is spent when visiting each page, what searches the site’s search engine has conducted. You can find the presentation of Google Analytics on this page.

We would like to remind you again that since the purpose of the hosting of cookies is primarily to facilitate the usability of our website and to provide a high quality user experience. Avoiding cookies or deleting cookies may result in you not being able to access all the features of our website or the full range of available services, and that the website may work differently than originally on your computer, other device, browser.

All browsers allow you to change cookies, so if you want to enable or disable cookies or delete cookies already installed on your browser, you can do so by clicking the links below: